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Incredible landscapes from white sand beaches, rice fields, rocky mountains, traditional villages, beautiful lakes and tropical forests.
Sulawesi at a Glance

Toraja Traditional Architecture Toraja Traditional House
Toraja Waterfall Sulawesi Waterfall
Rafting Adventure in Sulawesi Rafting Adventure in Sulawesi
A view of the Lake Poso Lake Poso, Sulawesi
Buffalo slaughtering in Toraja, Sulawesi

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Welcome to the Beautiful land, beach, and sea of Sulawesi.
- Truly Indonesia.

Let's discover with us, we have compiled a list of the 7 Wonders of Sulawesi.
Tana Beru is a traditional village in Bonto Bahari, Bulukumba - South Sulawesi where all the phinisi sailing ship built.
Tanjung Bira and Bara beach in Bulukumba.
This place is famous for its panoramic sea view from the cliff.
With a coastline stretching along 128 km from the east side, south, to the west, Bulukumba is famous for it bright, find sand beaches and a strong maritime culture.
Tomohon is famous for its unique morning market with extreeme culinary options including barbecued rat, dog, fruit bat and python.
The most interesting thing in Ge'tengan is the Ge'tengan Market (Pasar Ge'tengan). Some of the coffee beans traded in this market will end up in the popular coffee shops in Jakarta and even overseas.
Makassar is a paradise for food lovers for its rich collection of food ranging from meat, seafood, dessert and snacks. Among the most famous Makassar culinary are Coto Makassar and Sop Konro.
The Olele Marine Park (Taman Laut Olele) on the southern coast of Gorontalo offers a beautiful scenic beach view and amazing underwater life to explore.

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