Makassar Signature Dishes: Coto Makassar & Sop Konro

Makassar is a paradise for food lovers for its rich collection of food ranging from meat, seafood, dessert and snacks. Among the most famous Makassar culinary are Coto Makassar and Sop Konro.

Coto Makassar served with Ketupat

  • Coto Makassar
    Coto Makassar, the famous Makassar culinary icon, is a delicious meat soup with broth seasoning made from finely ground peanuts, lemongrass, galangal, and coriander, onions, bay and lime leaves. The meat can also be mixed with offal and brain of cows or buffaloes. Typically, Coto Makassar is served with "ketupat" (rice cake, packed and cooked inside woven young palm leaf as pouch) or “Burasa” (steamed compressed rice cake wrapped inside a banana leaf).

    Coto Makassar is very popular among both locals and tourists in Makassar.
    Although the coto Makassar stalls can be found almost everywhere in the city, the most favourites places to eat Coto Makassar are Coto Aroma on Gagak Street, Coto Paraikatte' on AP Pettarani street, and Coto Ranggong on Ranggong street
  • Sop Konro
    Sop Konro or Konro Soup is a Makassar’s beef rib soup with blackish brown broth that comes from the local “keluak” fruit (pangium edule). The word “konro” itself means beef ribs.

    The Sop Konro broth contains a lot of spices, including onions, coriander, pepper, cloves, hazelnut and cinnamon. These flavoring ingredients are boiled together with the meaty ribs for hours so that it has a strong taste and flavor. The main ribs can be either boiled together with the broth, or grilled and served separately from the broth. The latter is then known as Sop Konro Bakar.

    Sop konro usually served with either ketupat or Burasa. The most popular place to enjoy sop konro in Makassar is at the Sop Konro Karebosi at Gunung Lompobattang Street.