Toraja International Festival 2013

Toraja International Festival 2013

At the end of this year (2013), the first "Toraja International Festival" will be held in Toraja highland with the theme "Celebrate the living megalithic culture in Toraja". This event will feature local and international arts, music, and cultural performances. Specifically, the event will also promote the Toraja cultural heritage including traditional music, dance, carvings, and textiles.

Based on the publication on the official tourism website of Toraja Utara (, The Toraja International Festival 2013 will take place between Dec. 28 - 30 in the Tana Toraja and Toraja Utara regencies, South Sulawesi.

The event will be started with art performances and workshop will in Ke'te Kesu' Traditional village (Toraja Utara) and followed by World Music Camp Festival in Ge'tengan Camp Ground (Tana Toraja). The World Music Camp Festival in Ge'tengan would be the highlight of the event which is expected to attract local and foreign tourists.

Venue & Agenda of Toraja International Festival 2013:

Art performance & Workshop in Ke'te Kesu', 28 - 29 Dec 2013

  • Manimbong (Toraja Traditional Dance)
  • Indonesian National Orchestra
  • Art and Culinary exhibitionToraja Traditional Carving Workshop
  • Toraja Traditional Textile Exhi
  • Photography and Multimedia Workshop

World Music Camp Festival in Ge'tengan, 29 - 30 Dec 2013

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