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The most interesting thing in Ge'tengan is the Ge'tengan Market (Pasar Ge'tengan). Some of the coffee beans traded in this market will end up in the popular coffee shops in Jakarta and even overseas.
Batutumonga is a small hamlet on the slope of Mount Sesean (Gunung Sesean), Toraja land. The village is visited by many tourists because of the cool air and breathtaking views to the surrounding villages. The Batutumonga landscape is dominated by terraced paddy fields, bamboo forests, and unique tongkonan houses.
Travel guide to Makale, the capital of Tana Toraja regency in South Sulawesi. All you need to know before you visit Makale and Toraja.
Toraja sillanan village is a rocky village in the Southern Toraja as almost the entire village area covered by rocks. Some very old tongkonan houses are still preserved in this village while some others have been renovated.
The Tongkonan Pallawa is another amazing traditional Toraja village. It is a complex of 11 tongkonan houses and 15 granaries (alang) surrounded by bamboo forest.
Located some 3 km south east from Rantepao, Ke'te Kesu is reachable on foot or by Bemo. Enterance fee is IDR 5,000 for Indonesian and IDR 10,000 for foreigners.
Famous for its spellbinding culture and tradition, Toraja people also inherit a packet of unspoilt, beautiful landscapes and natural countryside. The highland features a series of traditional settlements, royal burial sites and panoramic viewpoints.
Rantepao is located about 320 km North of Makassar and is reachable from Makassar by plane, bus, or by taxi or chartered car/van.
The central highlands of South Sulawesi is the land for the friendly "people from the north" called Toraja.