Getting to Toraja - How to get there by car, bus or plane

Toraja is easily reached from Makassar or nearby areas.

Makassar - Toraja Bus at a check point near Toraja

Bus to Toraja/Bus to Makale/Bus to Rantepao
Buses from Makassar to Toraja are scheduled twice a day by several bus operator.
Daytime bus departs at 9 AM and arrives 7 to 8 hours later.
Overnight bus departs at 9 PM and arrives 6 AM in the morning.

Here are a list of recommended Bus to Toraja:
Litha & Co Makassar - Toraja
Bintang Prima Toraja
Manggala Trans
Bintang Timur
New Liman

Flight to Toraja
Sometimes there are scheduled to Toraja from several cities in Sulawesi and Borneo. So far there has been flight from Makassar to Toraja, from Balikpapan to Toraja, and a recently launched route from Kendari to Toraja.

However, due to the inconsistent schedule and route closure, please call the airlines office to ensure if there is flight to toraja at the time you want to travel.

Travel to Toraja by Car
Car rental is another best option to visit toraja, especially for group or family. There are various car rental in Makassar.