Batutumonga - A spectacular view from a high countryside

Rantepao view from Batutumonga
Rantepao view from Batutumonga View Point

Batutumonga is a small hamlet on the slope of Mount Sesean (Gunung Sesean), Toraja land. The village is visited by many tourists because of the cool air and breathtaking views to the surrounding villages. The Batutumonga landscape is dominated by terraced paddy fields, bamboo forests, and unique tongkonan houses.

Terraced Rice Fields
Terraced Rice Fields in Batutumonga

Batutumonga is 22 kilometres North of Rantepao and it took about an hour to reach the location by car. Another adventurous option is to trek up to Batutumonga from Rantepao which will create an unforgettable experience.

Accommodation and tourist facilities

  • Mentirotiku Homestay and Restaurant Mentirotiku Batutumonga. This place is probably the best accommodation in Batutumonga nowadays. Mentirotiku offers a stunning view over the surrounding countryside from the open-sided restaurant, a cheap and clean food, and some choice of clean and affordable rooms in the well-kept tongkonan house.
  • Mama Siska's Homestay Batutumonga provides two basic rooms in a bamboo hut which can sleep four people. Contact Mama Siska's Homestay Phone +62 81342532534.
  • Mama Rina's Homestay Batutumonga provides simple rooms inside tongkonan house with great view to the valley. Phone +62 85255925540 (Mama Rina Homestay)
  • Betania homestay Batutumonga, another tongkonan-style accommodation in Batutumonga with a great view to the Rantepao valley.

The Tinimbayo Coffee Shop
There is a resting place that should not be missed on the way up from Rantepao to Batutumonga. Tinimbayo coffee shop is a small coffee shop located a few kilometres east of Batutumonga. Situated at the edge of a hill Tinimbayo offers a stunning panoramic views of rice fields down valley and small tongkonan rows surrounded by bamboo forests.

Tinimbayo Coffee Shop Batutumonga
Tinimbayo Coffee Shop near Batutumonga

View from Tinimbayo Coffee Shop Batutumonga
View from Tinimbayo Coffee Shop near Batutumonga

Lokomata or (Lo'ko'mata
Literally means the eye holes, Lokomata (Lo'ko'mata is a big rock boulder with lots of graves carved into it.

Lokomata Burial Site
Lokomata Burial Site near Batutumonga

At a cursory glance this looks like an apartment for the dead. Lokomata is usually visited as a valuable trip extension when visiting Batutumonga as it is just 30 minutes walk from Batutumonga.