Ge'tengan, a traditional market in the international coffee trade chain

Ge'tengan is a small town located about 12 km south of Makale, the capital of Tana Toraja regency in South Sulawesi. Located on the slope of a hill, Ge'tengan serves as the center of civil administration, health services, and economic of Mengkendek and surrounding districts in Tana Toraja.

Traditional Local Market
For travelers or tourists, the most interesting thing in Ge'tengan is the Ge'tengan Market (Pasar Ge'tengan) as there is no better place to go to get a taste of the daily life of Toraja people in this area than the market.

On the market day that falls every 6 days, people from surrounding villages comes to Ge'tengan market to trade their agricultural products. The villages around Ge'tengan are major producer of vegetables and crops including coffee bean, cacao, cloves, pepper and vanily. These products are then sold sold to the commodity traders in Ge'tengan market. Some of the coffee beans traded in this market will end up as fancy coffee drink in the popular coffee shops in Jakarta and even overseas.

Among the crowds in the Getengan market, there are women from Gandangbatu Sillanan villages who have different look by wearing a traditional head scarves (head covering) from wrapped sarong.

Accommodation & Other Facilities in Ge'tengan
The Sahid Toraja Hotel is located in Ge'tengan, about 2 km from the Ge'tengan market. This hotel is the only lodging facility in Ge'tengan, and is the best hotel the regency. There is no fancy restaurant but food stalls are available around the market and some of which are only open on the market day. Post office, bank and ATM are also available.

Mobile phone services coverage especially from Telkomsel and XL already covers Ge'tengan area. The cellular network quality is good enough for phone and internet access in Ge'tengan and surrounding villages.

A natural camping ground is located around 3 km east of the market. A magnificent catholic church building is also located here.