Ke'te Kesu' Toraja

Ke'te' Kesu' village with tongkonan and rice barns

Ke'te Kesu' (Kete Kesu) is one of the most complete set of toraja traditional settlement elements. The complex has a series of the remarkable toraja traditional tongkonan houses and rice barns (alang). One of the tongkonan house building is now functioned as museum where tourist may learn more about toraja culture and history.

Covered by bamboo forest behind the tongkonan houses is a stone grave complex with numerous wooden coffins and tens of statues called tau-tau. These statues represents the nobles who were buried here.

The menhir (single standing stone) megalith monuments at the ceremonial parks record the previous big funeral ceremonies ever held in Ke'te Kesu'. Green paddy fields in front of the rice barns make it a complete toraja settlement.

Still in Ke'te Kesu there are Galleries and souvenir shops selling toraja artworks, wood carvings and ikat weavings.

Located some 3 km south east from Rantepao, Ke'te Kesu is reachable on foot or by Bemo. Enterance fee is IDR 5,000 for Indonesian and IDR 10,000 for foreigners.

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