Sillanan traditional village in the Southern Toraja

Toraja Tongkonan House in Sillanan Village
Toraja Tongkonan House in Sillanan Village

Sillanan is a rocky village as almost the entire village area covered by rocks. Some very old tongkonan houses and rice barns are still preserved in this village while some others have been renovated. The toraja burial cliffs and megalitics monuments can also be seen here.

The Sillanan villagers who are mostly farmers plant the tasteful toraja coffee in any narrow spaces between rocks. Sillanan village is 35 kilomoters to the South of Rantepao. This village is very easy to reach as the roads to this place are well-maintained.

Accommodations in/near Sillanan village:
Guesthouses are available for tourists in this village. Beside that, there also three-star Sahid Toraja Hotels in Ge'tengan District, some 6 km away from Sillanan.

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