Sulawesi Travel Guide

Bulukumba: Apparalang, Phinisi and Tanjung Bira


Bulukumba is a regency located on the southern tip of the island of Sulawesi. With a coastline stretching along 128 km from the east side, south, to the west, Bulukumba is famous for it bright, find sand beaches and a strong maritime culture.

Apparalang Bulukumba
Apparalang Cliff and Beach in Bulukumba
Hotels, homestays and bungalows as well as restaurants with good service and affordable price are widely available in Bulukumba. However, the tourism industry here is still in the development stage and therefore travelers should not expect luxury facilities and pampering services.

Where to Stay in Bulukumba

Accommodation facilities for traveler are concentrated near Tanjung Bira beach and surrounding areas where there are hotels, and dozens of homestays and bungalows which can be rented according your budget. To help you decide on the best place to stay, we’ve compiled a list of accommodation in Bulukumba including Phinisi Resort Hotel, Cosmos Bungalows, and Salassa Guesthouse as the most recommended options.

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What to See and Do in Bulukumba:

  • Lying relaxed on the fine sand beach of Tanjung Bira or Bara beach while enjoying a sweet young coconut.
  • Diving with sharks and rays at Pulau Kambing (Sulawesi)
  • Taking instagenic and panoramic photographs while enjoying the wind breeze and the sound of the waves at Apparalang.
  • Visit the phinisi ship builder village at Tana Beru