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Gorontalo - A cultural alternative in Sulawesi


The Gorontalo Province is situated in the Minahassa Peninsula of the Sulawesi Island. The Gorontalo city, the capital of the Gorontalo Province is located at the Northern Tomini Gulf.

The Gorontalo city is reachable via flight from Jakarta, Makassar, Denpasar (Bali), or Manado to the Djalaluddin Airport in Tibawa, Gorontalo. Overland route from Manado takes a full day while from Makassar takes two to three days by bus or by private transport.

Saronde island in Kwandang Bay in one of the most famous tourist destination in Gorontalo. Another one is must visit place is Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park, the home of tarsius tarsiers (the smallest primave in the world). Gorontalo is also one of the main gateway to the famous Togian islands in the Tomini Gulf area.

There are several hotels and accommodations facility for travelers in Gorontalo, ranging from star hotels to budget hotels and homestays.
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Climates & best time to visit Gorontalo
Intermittent rain occurs during rainy season that runs from November to March every year. From April to November is the dry season with clear and calm water in the Tomini Bay. This period, therefore, the best time to visit Gorontalo.

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