Sulawesi Travel Guide
Sulawesi Travel Map
Travel Map of Sulawesi, Travel Guide Map to explore Sulawesi.

Sulawesi Travel Map

  • Manado the capital of North Sulawesi is the gateway to Bunaken Marine National Park, one of the best diving site in the world.
  • Gorontalo city in the Minahassa Peninsula is the main Gateway to the Togian Islands with Marine National Park and the center of the coral triangle.
  • Togean Islands is a Marine National Park in Central Sulawesi where beautifull coral reefs and underwater landscapes are waiting to be explored.
  • Poso in the Central Sulawesi is famous for its Lake, Landscape and the megalithic monuments.
  • Toraja Land in the South Sulawesi is the home of the toraja people who maintain the spellbinding culture and tradition from their ancestral. Toraja also has a breathtaking landscape.
  • Kendari in the South-East Sulawesi is the gateway to the Mekongga Mountains, the beautiful Moramo Waterfall, and a gateway to the Wakatobi Islands
  • Wakatobi is another rising marine parks with breathtaking underwater scenery and creatures in the South-East Sulawesi.
  • Taka Bonerate Marine National Park in the South Sulawesi is the biggest atoll in Indonesia and the third largest atoll in the world.
  • Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi Province, is the main gateway to explore all Sulawesi destinations.

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