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Money changer service in Manado and Bunaken

Manado - The Paradise of the North

Money changer service in Manado & places for currency change in Manado.

Although most hotels and restaurants in Manado can accept credit card payments, the need for cash in local currency is unavoidable. When it comes to exchange money, whether bank notes or travelers cheque into Indonesian Rupiah while in Manado, there are many options available. Authorized Money Changer or Currency converter shops or banks are available across the city.

List of Licensed Money changer service in Manado & places for currency change in Manado:

  • PT. Haji La Tunrung Authorized Money Changer (AMC) Manado
    Jl. Pierre Tandean No. 7 Kompleks Ruko Mega Smart 4 Manado
    Tel. +62 431 8881116
    Fax. +62 431 8881257
  • PT. Haji La Tunrung AMC Manado
    Jl. Sudirman No.95 B Manado
    Telp. +62 431 888111
  • Manado Inter Money Changer. PT
    Jl. Wolter Monginsidi 62, Bahu, Malalayang, Manado, North Sulawesi 95115
    (in front of Bahu Mall)
    Telp. +62 431 864811
  • Indra Arta Incest Money Changer
    Jl. Sam Ratulangi, 1 Indonesia
    Telp. +62 431 861510
  • Money Changer - Currency Exchange Service
    Jl. Pierre Tandean, No. 7 Manado
    Telp. +62 431 8881116
  • PT. Sentralindo Valutama - Authorized Money Changer Manado
    Jl. Sarapung No. 4, Manado 95122
    (in front of Sentrum Church Manado)
    Telp. +62 431 878855
  • Money Changer in Bunaken:
    Money exchange service is not yet available in Bunaken but most of the resort will accept Euros or Dollars. It is suggested to exchange enough cash in Manado before heading to Bunaken, simple because reliable money changer is not yet exist in Bunaken island.

    Money Changer in Sam Ratulangi International Airport Manado
    There also a money changer counter available at the Arrival Terminal of Sam Ratulangi International Airport in Manado.

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