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Manado - The Paradise of the North

Tomohon is a cool hill town nestled between two active volcanoes of Mount Lokon (1,580 m) and Mount Mahawu (1,324 m). It is located 22 km east of Manado city and is reachable within half an hour driving. Tomohon is famous for its unique morning market with extreeme culinary options including barbecued rat, dog, fruit bat and python.

Tomohon is also known as the City of Flowers. The annual Tomohon International Flower Festival is held here every year and is attended by more than 20,000 people.

Another interesting thing about Tomohon is its religious tourism. Not only for worship, tourist may spend time to visit Bukit Doa Mahawu (Mahawu Prayer Hill) and enjoy the peaceful spiritual experience.

The trip to Tomohon from Manado can be done in a day trip but those who wants to stay and spend a night or two may choose from a number of accommodation facilities in the town, including Tomohon Highland Resort & Spa, Happy Flower Resort Tomohon, and Gardenia Country Inn Tomohon.

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