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Sulawesi at a Glance | Sulawesi Travel Guide

Sulawesi is one of the main islands of Indonesian archipelago. This island is easily recognizable for its strange shape and its location in the center of Indonesia.

Map of Sulawesi in Indonesia
Map of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

The landscape of Sulawesi is incredibly beautiful, from beaches, rice fields, rocky mountains, traditional villages, beautiful lakes and tropical forests. The people of the island also diverse in culture, tradition, and believe.
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Makassar in the South, was the trade center since pre-collonial period and now become a modern city and a first hub to reach the rest of the region. Toraja and Poso in the center with the spellbinding culture, tradition, and also landscape. Manado, Tomohon, and Bunaken in the North, the paradise for divers and sea lovers. Also Wakatobi in the South-East and Togian in the Tomini Gulf are the rising marine parks with beautifull coral reefs.
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