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Toraja Travel Guide
Toraja Travel Guide.

The Toraja Land

"Do not die before visiting Toraja!"- Syahrul Yasin Limpo, South Sulawesi Governor

The central highlands of South Sulawesi is the land for the friendly "people from the north" called Toraja. Famous for its spellbinding culture and tradition, Toraja people also inherit a packet of unspoilt, beautiful landscapes and natural countryside.

Makale & Rantepao

The twin city of Makale (in the South) and Rantepao (in the North) is the best base for exploring the toraja land. Accommodation, transport, restaurants and tourist guide can be found and arranged here, especially in Rantepao where most travelers stay. The cities' market are also good places to enjoy the toraja life

Toraja Culture

Toraja people has long been famous for its unique traditions including spectacular burial rituals, house inauguration ceremony, and a lavish sacrifice of animals.

Bus to Toraja
Daytime bus to toraja departs from Makassar daily at around 9 AM and arrives in Makale around 6 PM. It takes one more hour to reach Rantepao from Makale.
Overnight bus departs at 9 PM and arrives 6 AM in the morning.
The same schedules apply for return bus from Toraja to Makassar.

Hotels and Accommodation in Toraja
There are a number of star hotels as well as non-star hotels, home stays and cottages for tourist accommodation in Toraja. Simply check our List of Hotels in Toraja to find the best options for your stay in Toraja.