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Accommodations in Wakatobi Islands

Wakatobi Dive Resorts

Wakatobi region is currently developing tourism infrastructure. There are several accommodations already established in the region since 1990s and below are some of the best place to stay when traveling to Wakatobi.

Hotels in Wakatobi - Wakatobi Accommodation List - Where to Stay in Wakatobi

Hotels in Wangi-Wangi Island - Wakatobi:

  • Patuno Resort Wakatobi (Patuno Dive Resort)
    Jalan Raya Patuno Wangi-Wangi Wakatobi-
    Southeast Sulawesi
    Tel. +62 8114002221
  • Hotel Wakatobi
    Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani Wanci - Tlp.+62 404 21823
  • Hotel Lina Wakatobi
    Jl. Wolter Monginsidi Wanci Wakatobi
  • Hotel Al Aziziyah
    Jln.Poros Liya Wangi-Wangi
  • Hotel Setiana Wakatobi
    Jl. Endapo Wangi-Wangi Wakatobi

Hotels & Accommodations in Tomia Island Wakatobi

  • Wakatobi Dive Resort

    • Wakatobi Villas
    • Wakatobi Beach Bungalows
    • Wakatobi Garden Bungalows


  • Tomia Dive Center Wakatobi
    Tomia Island Wakatobi
    Contact Person
    • Monica: +62 816 861954
    • Max: +6285824592755


Accommodations in Hoga Island Wakatobi:

  • Operation Wallacea Basecamp in Hoga Island
    Contact Person: Jufri +6281524126271
  • Hoga Island Cottages/Guest Houses